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On a Sunday at Gregory’s Sporting Goods in Moore, Okla., the crowd arrived early and started forming a line. By the start of the event, the line snaked outside the store and down the sidewalk.

Waiting inside to greet the crowd was University of Oklahoma All-American Tiare Jennings.

It’s a short 20-minute drive from the campus at the University of Oklahoma to Gregory’s Sporting Goods, but for Jennings it took a lifetime to make the trip.

It took a lifetime of practice, dedication, sacrifice and persistence to reach a milestone moment in her softball career.

On Oct. 15, Jennings launched her signature series glove in collaboration with Resilient Softball.

There is not much on the softball field that Jennings hasn’t accomplished.

Jennings, and her Sooner teammates, have hoisted the national championship trophy in 2021, 2022 and 2023

She’s a three-time All-American, has helped lead the Sooners to three straight national championships, has set Women’s College World Series records and has been a member of the USA Softball national team.

But the opportunity to design a glove resonated with the San Pedro, Calif., native and when Resilient CFO and Managing Member Kevin McGuire reached out to Jennings she jumped at the chance.
“I was familiar with Resilient because they worked with Grace Lyons last year and she designed a glove with them. So, when they reached out, I was like heck yes, I want to do a glove.

“It’s been surreal and it’s something that you dream about. Making your own glove that represents your values and everything that you believe in means a lot to me. I’m super happy that Resilient allowed me to be who I am and represent myself on the glove. Seeing little girls buy my glove was so awesome and I’m super excited where it leads.”

Once she created a theme for the glove, Jennings found the creative process rather simple.

The Tiare flower
“I’m not the most creative person and originally I was going to create a simple glove, but once I started working with Kevin I came up with the Polynesian tribal print as a theme because that is something that is very close to me. Once we had the idea it was easy and quick.”

Jennings glove design includes a Polynesian print on the outside of the glove, God is Good emblazoned on the thumb side of the glove and the palm includes a flower and her signature.
“The Polynesian print is a tribal print and represents the culture of who I am. I’m Samoan, so that’s just really something that represents me and my family. God is Good represents my faith and is a reminder that serving him is always my number one goal. The Tiare flower is Tahitian and means so much to me because I was named after my grandmother. So, the three components mean a lot to me, and I’m excited they are a part of the glove.”

Jennings did not see the completed glove until she went to meet the Resilient staff to conduct a photo shoot to promote the launch.
“I first saw it when I was at a photo shoot with them. It was in a box that was lit up and on a rotating table and I got to see the whole 360 degrees and I was blown away. It looks so much better in person, and I absolutely loved it. I just couldn’t believe that that’s something that represents me. It’s awesome and I love it.”

From a technical standpoint, Jennings wanted to create a glove that was uniquely suited for younger players, while also serving the adult softball player.

“It’s super easy to break in and the material is top tier. One thing for the youth that is really good, it’s called the Goldilocks glove, and it has a little tightening tool, so it doesn’t fall off the little girls’ hand when they are playing. It has a tool where you can tighten it, or loosen it, and it fits around the glove. I’m happy the glove has that feature.”

Jennings has a firm grasp on her place in the softball world and sees her glove launch as another way to continue to grow the game.
“It’s all about growing the game. I think something that represents me is something cool for the younger generations, and even people playing now, to have when they’re playing. They might see the glove and wonder what it represents. It’s going to spread, not only my culture, but who I am and what I represent. I’m here for a reason, and that’s to spread my platform and use it any way I can, so I’m excited I got this glove out in the softball world to continue to grow the game and to grow who I am and my brand.”

This opportunity for Jennings would not be possible without name, image and likeness (NIL) and the right to publicity.
“I think obviously doing it for the right reasons and working with brands that you truly believe in is my biggest thing. But it helps for the future and certainly helps to prepare you for your professional career. It’s huge for our game, especially in women’s sports, I think that’s something that’s going to start growing and growing, so just setting the tone now for younger generations.”

Whether Jennings pursues a career in professional softball or seeks a career in the business world, young girls across the country will likely have the opportunity to wear a glove designed by one of the best players in the history of the sport.
“Only the future will tell, but I love everything that Resilient stands for. Kevin is awesome to work with, and I really hope to have him with me in the future. We haven’t really talked about it yet, but I see it working out well and we’re a really good fit and have formed a great partnership together.”

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