The Story Behind the Brand

As a young man, I enjoyed the game of baseball both as a participant and a fan. As a dad, I have enjoyed coaching my son and his friends from tee-ball until they reached the age to play school ball. So when my daughter came along and became old enough to play tee-ball, I was excited to get her involved and go shopping for cool softball gear. However, I was disappointed to discover that the softball gear and apparel selection was limited compared to the boys’ baseball selection. The boys’ selection took up about 80% of the space, and softball was given the other 20%. I hoped the situation would improve, but there has been little change after seven years of experiencing this. This was extremely frustrating, but what could I do about this?
The Story Behind the BrandOne day a friend showed me a custom baseball glove that he had commissioned from an overseas factory with which he had a business relationship. He suggested that we start a company to make baseball gloves, but I told him that I would only do it if the products were for girls and women. Not only because they have been neglected, but that great, high-quality products were essential for them to play softball.

With the prospect of creating a new company that could significantly impact women’s sports, I started reflecting on the women who had impacted my life. My daughter‘s experience helped to open my eyes to the need, but the women before her would pave the way for my drive and inspiration. I was blessed to have two grandmothers who influenced my work ethic and provided a colorful and rich backdrop for the future “why” behind this effort.

My grandmother Bengs overcame the adversity of helping to raise her nine siblings while in high school. She attained a teaching degree during the Great Depression, all while hitchhiking to a neighboring town to attend class. Her husband was drafted in World War II and later killed, leaving her a young widowed mother. She persevered and became a beloved school teacher to many and eventually the grandmother who would pass along this story of challenge and triumph through her chosen medium of quilting. This artful storytelling impacted me greatly as a young man and served as a dynamic source of inspiration as we contemplated the name and concept of the new company.

My other grandma McGuire also played her role in the powerful story of women’s history. She took a job during World War II building bombers at Douglass Air Field in Oklahoma City, filling the role of a real-life Rosie the Riveter.

Feeling inspired by my own family, I researched more about women's softball. I learned that men's Pro Baseball players in the U.S. are currently paid an average salary of $4.2 million, while Women's Pro Softball players’ average salary is $6,000. This realization set the final pieces in place for me, and it was time to take advantage of this opportunity and make a real impact.

Resilient Softball launched in March 2022, Women’s History Month, paying homage to the influential women of my past and granting an opportunity for the women of the future. Our priority is providing high-quality, unique, female-focused softball products with a unique flair. The new collegiate name, image and likeness sponsorship opportunities allow us to extend that reach and influence to start impacting the game of softball on a much deeper level.