Q. What makes Resilient gloves different from other gloves?

A. Resilient gloves are designed to fit girls and women's hands, where other companies design a glove to fit a boys and men's hands. Also, Resilient gloves are designed for the game of softball which uses a ball that are 11" and 12" in circumference. Unlike our competitors who design gloves to accommodate a baseball which is 9.25" in circumference, and then put a softball glove label on it after it doesn't sell on the baseball market.

 Q. What is that GoldiLocks™ design that you have?

A. GoldiLocks™ is a wrist enclosure design that allows the player to adjust the fitment of the glove, easily and quickly.  We call it GoldiLocks™, because "it's the glove that fit's just right."  Our competitors use a standard leather lace wrist tie that requires special tools and someone with special skill just to make 1 fitment adjustment.  Or they use a Velcro strap that is great day 1, but when you get Velcro dirty, it does not stick and in Softball you are playing in a dirt environment.  GoldiLocks™ allows 25 micro-adjustments that can be quickly and easily made by players age 5 and up. Simply turn the knob and you will see how quick and effective this design is.

Q. How durable is GoldiLocks™ and what do I do if it breaks?

A. GoldiLocks™ is extremely durable and has more tensile strength than standard leather lace. This system will last longer than traditional leather lace.  If this system were to break, we back it with our warranty and make sure you get taken care of.

Q. How long does it take to receive a custom glove?

A. Once you have designed your glove and completed the payment, it takes about 6-8 weeks to receive your custom glove.

Q. What is the recommended size of glove?

A. We have created a chart based on the players age and position.  These are recommendations based on our Professional and Collegiate Ambassadors years of experience playing at all levels.  Please note that sometimes players may feel more comfortable and confident with a size that is outside the parameters listed.

 Q. How long does it take to break in your gloves?

A. Our youth model gloves are built with an soft cowhide material that is flexible and most young players can play catch with it right away and feel confident that it is game ready within in 3-7 days.  This is based on a natural break in process of simply playing catch each day for about 15-30 minutes. 

Our adult model gloves are made with a Premium Kip leather and most players can play catch right away with our gloves and they feel confident that the glove is game ready within 10-14 days on average. This is based on a natural break in process of simply playing catch each day for about 15-30 minutes. 

Q. Can you speed up the break-in process?

A.  Yes, we have a glove steaming service that we offer that will help break in the glove quicker.  This service will cut the break-in process in half. But you still will need to play catch to get the glove to form to "your hand."