Need Help Choosing The Right Glove?

Youth Or Adult?

Youth Glove – Our youth gloves are made out of a soft cowhide leather that is more flexible than our Adult gloves. Our youth gloves also contain padding that is lighter weight and allows younger players that have less hand strength to close the glove. Our youth gloves are designed for kids aged 5-12, however for older players who prefer a softer glove that is easier to squeeze,
our youth model can be chosen. The older player could choose a youth glove model and select a larger size.

Adult Glove – Our adult gloves are made out of a KIP leather that is a Superior professional grade leather. These gloves are stiffer out of the box than our youth gloves and contain thicker padding because they will be catching softballs that are higher velocity coming off the bat and playing catch. Our adult model gloves are designed for travel ball players aged 12 and up, high school, college and pro players. Most kids under 12 don’t have the hand strength developed yet to effectively close this level of glove.

Glove Size?

Here is our Recommended glove size chart (based on player age and position played)

Additional Comments

• We understand that most kids play both infield, outfield and catcher when they are younger. The above chart is to help you select a glove for your child’s primary position. As kids get older or if they play competitive/travel ball they are more likely to need more than 1 glove.

• The above chart is a recommend chart based on our team of Ambassadors (Pro, College and Top High School players) who have vast knowledge and experience playing and coaching/mentoring younger players. There will be some player who are more comfortable playing with a glove size that is bigger or smaller than what we have recommended above. This chart is to help parents and players make a decision on the size because they don’t know what size they prefer yet.

Web Styles?

Most Popular Webs


popular amount many beginner players. Also a popular choice amount pitchers because it is a closed web that can hide the pitchers grip.

I Web

- popular amoung infielders of all ages.

Double Braid

popular amoung younger infielders and outfielders

Hash Tag

popular amoung older outfielders.

Dream Weaver

versatile web design that is used for infield, outfield and pitchers.

I Web (Spiral)

very similar to the traditional I Web, but take a close look and you will see the spiral lace that adds a unique style to the glove. Another popular choice of infielders of all ages.

Ying-Yang - t

this web design is one that is has a very unique style. Look at the web closely and you will see the rough side of the hide and the clean side of the hide.

Other Web Style


preferred by pitchers so that they can hide their pitch grip from batters

Double Hinge

V Web

Basket Web

Helix Web

Open Webs

preferred by infielders.

I Web (Spiral)


Open Webs

preferred by Outfielders

Hash Tag

Trape Ze